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Hey, Beauties! Today I’m sharing what’s currently in my purse makeup bag. With so many beauty products on the shelves these days I know it can become a task choosing what is worth trying. So I thought I would share what I’m currently using (no this not all of my makeup) these are just a few products I use to refresh my face throughout the day.

  1. e.l.f. Retractable Kabuki Brush–  This brush is a must have on the go. It’s perfect for applying powder, blush, and bronzer on the go. And it’s retractable and compact so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space.
  2. Blotting Papers – On days when I have a full face on I prefer to not apply more powder on top, It leaves my face feeling too heavy. Using blotting papers as opposed to powder can help avoid your makeup looking cakey. These will literally blot away any oils on your face without smearing or wearing off your makeup. Super easy and amazing. I use the NYX  or e.l.f  blotting papers because they are the least expensive and get the job done but there are a ton of brands that carry them. You can find them near the cashier lines at Sephora if you’d prefer a high-end brand.
  3. Chapstick – Anytime I’m applying lipstick before I line with a lip liner I always use chapstick. Even if the lipstick matte or glossy finish, just to ensure my lips are hydrated.
  4. Lip Liner – Lip liner is not a necessity but it’s important because when you refresh any lipstick you have to use a liner to create the foundation for a perfect long-lasting application. My favorite shades are MAC Nightmoth and Cork, both are great shades for every season.
  5. Nude Lipstick – No matter what color lipstick I have on I always keep a nude lipstick in my purse, just in case I’m running late or forget to pack the color I applied that morning. My favorite one is the Bare Lipstick for Estee Edit by Estee Lauder. It’s the perfect mixture of a lipstick and chapstick.
  6. Compact Mirror – Now I know some of you are thinking “I don’t need a mirror I can use my front camera,” but my phone always dies lol so I keep an old fashion compact mirror with me just in case.
  7. Mascara, Eyeliner & Blush– These are all just in case essentials. Fo example, if you don’t wear makeup to work and all of a sudden you have a hot lunch date. You can look sleepy, so you have to pop these to babies on to look awake. That was just an example, never personally happened to me (haha). Right now, I am using the sample sizes of the Marc Jacobs liner and Marc Jacobs mascara. Both products are so amazing that after I got the sample size in my Sephora birthday gift I went back and purchased them both in full size. For Blush, I keep Macs Love Joy in my purse, it’s a super light rose that has a nice shimmer.

I hope you all found this post helpful!

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