Refinery29 – 29Rooms at NYFW

These days with the social media craze, it seems like everyone is searching for the latest and greatest and most Instagram-able moments. Refinery 29 understands this inherently and has created Refinery ’29 Rooms’ to draw us all into their creative, fashionable world.

The transformed 80,000-square-foot warehouse felt like a cool, artsy maze. Each room tackled social issues, sexuality, love, and creativity with company partners such as Ulta Beaty, Planned Parent Hood, and Caspers. I literally was so anxious waiting in line to take photos that I had to mentatlly tell myself, “Ambra it’s just a picture” (LOL). But Refinery29 seamlessly created a space that instagram moment seekers like my self dream of!

“We dreamt up the concept of creating 29 different rooms, with each shedding a light on the important topics, issues and independent voices that Refinery29 as a brand embraces and celebrates every day. Many of us shared a childhood obsession with funhouses and thus landed on a loose concept of creating a “funhouse of creativity, culture and technology”—appropriately called “29Rooms.” – Interview with Albie Alxandra Hueston, Refinery29’s Creative Director here 

If you’re in the NY area during NYFW, it’s worth a visit!

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