How to attand NYFW as a Blogger

This is my 4th time attending NYFW and now that this season is over, I figured I’d re-cap on some tips and learnings on how to attend as a blogger.


Begin the process by familiarizing yourself with the designers on the schedule. Whether it be reading about them in magazines, or following them on social media, begin interacting with the brand. I for one found a great resource in Modemonline, This site has everything you need to know about the fashion show schedule, press, and showroom contacts. In Addition NYFW’s own website is a great resource as well. You can also track down brands and contacts through LinkedIn, which i did a lot or browse through the internet to see if you can find a brand representative or PR Agency contact. The most invites I received came actually from PR agencies that sometimes represent more than one brand and can give you multiple invites.

Tip: Create an Excel Sheet and enter all information you could find neatly into a file containing the brand name, contact info, representative, comments etc. This is also great for the next time you want to attend NYFW.


Now that you gathered your information you can start requesting invites. In the fashion industry, timing is everything. The general time limit to begin contacting PR companies is within 2-3 weeks of the show.

Tip: Apply to ALL shows but specifically choose emerging brands which might want to get exposure and more buzz. Be sure to include your website stats, social media handles, and occupation if it’s in media / fashion industry.


One week before fashion week starts if you have not received any confirmation emails consider being a volunteer. Reach out small magazines, websites and blogs that you admire and volunteer to cover the shows for them. Most big shows that I have attended have been to cover for publications or my blog network. Remember media outlets have guaranteed seats and sometimes there are not enough employees to cover all the shows; that is where you come in a volunteer.


Lastly, if you are not able to attend a show, you can still have a great experience by attending other events during NYFW. Brands host parties that are worth going just to connect to other bloggers, stylists and mingle with fashion minded people. Also, retailors often have launch parties that are free.

I hope I was able to guide you a little and give you some tips. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below!

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