Happy New Year!



Happy New Year everyone! Today’s look is all about celebrating! This year I decided against a dress or sequence and opted for this red jumpsuit. I purchased this from Zara during their after Christmas sale for $40, such a deal! The best part about this crossover jumpsuit are the wide legs, very flowy and comfortable.

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Since we are in a celebration mood, I’ll take a little time to reflect.This past year has been quite rewarding. It was very different from most, I’d say it was a year of growth. The difference in 2015, I learned to appreciate timing. I finally understand the concept now, “Stop rushing through life and start living.” Everything that is meant for me will fall into place at the perfect time.



A Few Highlights in 2015…

  • Career Girl. This year I made one year working in corporate America, I had my own place and own bills. It was such an adjustment going from being so carefree in college to managing work and bills. It was tough at times, but I’m so happy I toughed it out.
  • Traveling. I don’t think people realize how mentally healthy traveling is. I traveled to 3 new cities this year (Miami, New York, and San Fransisco). It personally helped me become a more well-rounded person. Seeing different cultures gave me a new perspective on life. Exploring these cities challenged me to discover skills I never knew I had.  In 2016 I plan on venturing out of the country. I cannot wait, Let the adventure begin!
  • Chasing after my dreams.It’s so easy to get complacent and comfortable in life. Going for what I want has been my biggest highlight this year. I’m proud of myself for sticking to my plan and not letting fear hold me back.


Lessons I’ve Learned…

  • Invest in yourself. It’s so important to have time to yourself to learn more about who you are. If you’re constantly in a relationship or around other people you’ll find yourself making compromises for what works best for the team and not you. Plus, your greatest ideas come when you spend quality time alone.
  • Make a Plan. Taking a leap of faith still requires a plan. I’m so happy my parents talked me out of just packing up and moving out of the blue. I was so ready to move that I was willing to settle and take any job. But once I sat down and actually made a plan for my career goals I realized without that time of preparation I would have ended up right where I started.
  • Save, Save, Save! I cannot stress the importance of saving enough. Clearly, I have a blog centered around shopping so I know first hand about bad spending habits. This past year there were a few times where I wish I would have saved to have some extra cushion for a rainy day. Moving forward, I’m taking baby steps to heal my shopaholicism. “Ambra you don’t  have to have it all, style is all about working with what you got, right?”



What are your 2015 highlights? What are your 2016 goals?


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