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Cold Weather Essentials



Am I the only one who forgot it was winter? This weather has been so abnormal this year!

I typically shop for winter clothes between October – December because now a lot of coats and cute accessories are all out of stock. Luckily, I’ve managed to catch a few things on sale, thank God!

If you’re still searching for what you need to buy don’t worry I’ve got you covered with an essentials list.

1.Fancy Coats

Winter Coats

The key to being stylish in the cold is layering. Its easier said then done. No one wants to feel heavy or stuffed so its best to pick out a warm ‘fancy’ coat. When picking one, choose a wool coat. Wool coats are perfect for the cold, leaving you with less to layer.

2.Knit Sweaters


Underneath your coat use fun vibrant colored knit sweaters to layer. When it’s freezing, I like to put on a long sleeve shirt underneath. If you’d like, add a turtle neck long sleeve shirt under a crew neck sweater for a contrast.



A vest is another great option for layering in the winter. Vests can also be very versatile if you pick a neutral color. The three above are examples of vests than can be worn multiple times and still have a different look. Lately, I’ve been wearing me faux fur vest with a leather motto jacket underneath. But you can also pair these with solid color long sleeves, jean shirts, white button ups, plaid tops, or even a crew neck sweatshirt. The possibilities are endless!

4.Weather Boots


This is my first year shopping for weather boots. These three pair are my favorites; the Sorel Joan of Arctic snow boot, the Hunter rain boot, and the Ugg Adirondack II boot. I can’t say which pair is best yet because it hasn’t snowed or rained but I’ll be sure to let you know which brand I prefer.

5.Ear Muffs

ear muffs

I never realized how much I needed ear muffs until moving to New York. I prefer the style in the middle. If you’re always concerned about your hair then you’ll love them too. These are designed to wrap around your head with an adjustable click-to-fit frame. Not to mention, very convenient to pack in your bag, they fold in and collapse!


I finally found a pair of touchscreen gloves. Now I don’t have to let the cold stop me from texting lol.

7.Beanie Hats

Beanies are a must-have and life savers for bad hair days.
Instead of buying a plain one, look for one with a little character and detail.




Last but not least, finish layering with your favorite cozy scarf! To see how to rock it check out my post all about scarves HERE.

Ready to get your cold weather essentials? Shop below for more options! 

Shop Cold Weather Essentials

 What’s number one on your essentials list? 

Until next time, Keep Warm! 


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    T. Baby
    January 17, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    Yesss, Great Insight!!!

  2. Reply
    Pretesa Hunt
    January 17, 2016 at 11:22 pm

    Thanks for the list. I’m ready for the cold outside.

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