Coconut Oil Beauty Secrets ft. SheaMoisture


Coconut Oil is having a moment in my life right now. As it should!  This do-it-all ingredient can be used to moisturize skin and remove makeup, but that’s just the beginning. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, packed with antioxidants like vitamin E, and loaded with moisturizing fatty acids. My personal favorite, SheaMoisture 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oilinstantly hydrates to nourish and protect skin and hair and contains natural triglycerides to help retain moisture and keep skin smooth to the touch. And it’s gooddd! Here are all the ways you can incorporate coconut oil into your beauty regimen.

  1. Face Moisturizer – Apply coconut oil directly to skin for it’s incredible healing & hydrating properties.  Coconut oil has natural SPF protection & it helps protect skin from free radicals.  Coconut oil penetrates deep into skin tissue for intense hydration, helping to firm & brighten skin tone.  It’s also packed with vitamin K & E, which have properties that help protect skin from pre-mature aging.
  2. Overnight Face Mask – Apply coconut oil to your face before bed, you’ll wake up with smooth, glowing skin!  Coconut oil is a natural detox.  Vitamins K & E protect skin from aging, help keep it hydrated, and reduce fine lines & dark spots.
  3. Makeup Remover – Just a teaspoon (or less) can take off a day’s worth of makeup with ease, no matter the staying power. Massage a dollop of warmed, liquified coconut oil straight onto skin and watch as makeup melts away, then rinse with warm water.
  4. Body Lotion / Body Oil – Apply a quarter sized amount right after you get out of the shower so it can sink into your warm skin. The light tropical scent that lingers after it’s applied. Add in a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil for a massage mix.
  5. Shaving Cream – Ran out of shaving cream? Just warm the jar under the water and smooth onto legs before shaving. Your razor will glide smoothly, allowing for a super-close shave, and your legs will be moisturized from the oil in the process.
  6. Lip Balm – Chapped lips don’t stand a chance against ultra-hydrating coconut oil. Scoop some into a spare contact lens holder and throw it in your purse so you can dab it on with your finger throughout the day.
  7. Highlighter – Want dewy glowing skin? Add dab a little liquified coconut oil onto the tops of your cheekbones, cupid’s bow (the dip above your upper lip) and just above eyebrows for hydrated skin that looks lit from within.
  8. Teeth Whitening – Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which battles against bacteria that causes plaque & yellowing.  Brush your teeth with equal parts baking soda & coconut oil for whiter teeth and improved gum health.  Coconut oil also contains anti-fungal properties that naturally freshens breath!
  9. Pre-poo treatment / Hair Mask – Suffering from dry or frizzy hair? Apply a Coconut treatment. While in the shower, melt your coconut oil. Then, after shampooing or before, apply a generous amount of the oil to wet strands and twist hair. Let it sit for at least five minutes before rinsing to add moisture and shine back into your hair. This treatment can also be done on dry hair for detangling.
  10. Exfoliating Body Scrub – Mix a half cup of sea salt or sugar with an equal amount of melted coconut oil, and then use your hands to rub it over any rough patches of skin. The scrub moisturizes while removing dead skin cells.

If you’re newly hip to Coconut Oil, I’m sure you’re amazed by all the benefits!

But if you’re already a fan I’d love to hear how you use it in your beauty regimen, tell me in the comments!

*Disclaimer – When testing on various skin types I recommend patch testing on a small area first to avoid breakouts. Also, be sure to buy extra virgin coconut oil for the greatest health benefits. My trusted favorite, SheaMoisture 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, can be purchased at local your local Walgreens, Ulta, Target, or online at


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    March 14, 2017 at 11:27 am

    I have been using coconut oil mostly for my hair as a prepoo treatment and for my skin. But I did not know it was good for whitening your teeth or ever think to use it as a shaving cream. Thanks for the ideas. Great post.

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