Aruba : The Happy Island

Aruba is a beautiful Dutch island field with beaches, perfect weather all year round, and even a rugged safari side. This is why it is no doubt the ultimate getaway! 

I spent four days in Aruba for Labor Day weekend. Prior to arriving, we had no idea what to expect so we decided to get a rental car to explore the island for all its hidden treasures. For housing, we chose an Airbnb located in the capital, Oranjestad. And because the island is not very big we were able to get every in 10 minutes.

The first day we ate at the Pelican Pier, located on the shore of Palm Beach. The food was okay, but my friends and I agreed that it tasted like tourist food. The next day we hunted for an “Arubian” restaurant but we were consistently directed to restaurants on the Main Street near the hotels and resorts. This is when we realized the island was not centered around Arubian Culture but tourism. I was so intrigued by this so I did a little research when I made it home.

I found out Aruba’s government has devoted considerable amounts of resources to support the tourism industry in order to increase revenues and create employment. They developed a basic infrastructure to serve hotels and other tourist facilities, directly supporting the expansion of tourist accommodations. Also known as the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA). Currently, the island brings in 1.07 million stay-over visitors!!

“Aruba’s record-breaking tourism performance, coupled with the dozens of awards received this year for our island’s innovation, proves the creative marketing and dedication of the government, ATA, industry partners and locals are successful in making Aruba one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world,” said Otmar Oduber, Minister of Tourism, Transportation, Primary Sector and Culture.

Since this was started in 2016, Aruba remains one of the most revisited destinations in the Caribbean, with half of all visitors returning year after year. And I can believe it after visiting. The natives are very friendly and the biggest perk is they accept US dollars everywhere on the island. I could definitely see myself visiting again. For more details on visiting Click HERE.


Happy Travels!

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