5 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

This post is sponsored by U by Kotex Fitness, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We are five months into our fitness New Year’s resolutions and just one month away from Summer! Ladies we have to make this time count! And believe me, I know it can be difficult balancing fitness goals with work and a social life but it begins with making changes to our daily lives! So I wanted to share 5 tips I’m using to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1.Drink Water

I noticed a few months ago that I was constantly getting dehydrated. My skin was even dry and I would feel drowsy throughout the day. So I had to cut the sodas down a notch and remind myself to drink water. I now keep a water bottle at my desk and fill it up every two hours to ensure I’m drinking more water. Honestly, I’ve never felt better!

2. Meal Prep

The key to being successful at changing your habits is planning! I can not stress this enough. You have to get organized before the busy week begins so that you won’t be forced to eat fast food. Preparing your meals ahead of time will make healthy choices a no-brainer. You’ll have a home cooked feast on hand that can be heated up and give you plenty of time to workout!

3. Attend a class

Fitness is more exciting when you have a buddy! Think of it as a social activity. Instead of going to happy hour or to see a movie challenge yourself and a close friend to attend a class at the gym. Why not gossip over a Spin class?!

4. Cultivate your mental and emotional health

While the physical body is important, when we only associate health with our physical body, we fail to recognize other factors that contribute to our overall well-being. Our physical body is affected by our emotions so it’s extremely important to eliminate stress and focus on positive energy. Take more you time to find your happy place!

5. Write down a 30-minute workout routine

Why spend hours at the gym with no plan when you can finish an effective fat burning, muscle building routine in just 30-minutes? For my workout routine I complete 20 Jumping Jacks, 12 Squats, 12 Leg Lunges, and 15 Push Ups. After I repeat 5 times I’m all done! It’s much more rewarding when you create a routine that is tailored for your personal body goals.

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